Stomp Bikes

  1. Stomp Ace 4V

    Stomp Ace 4V

    Brand new revised YX engine with strengthened crank cases, needle roller gearbox bearings, oil filter and light-weight flywheel ignition systemRead more...

  2. Stomp Ace 50

    Stomp Ace 50

    49cc 4-stroke semi auto all up 4-speed gearbox

  3. Stomp Z140

    Stomp Z140

    Stomp sr140-c z-40 race cam 14 hp all-up 4 speed gearbox Read more...

  4. Stomp SS120 / 140

    Stomp SS120 / 140

    sr120-c lifan all-up gearbox 8.5hp rear wheel

  5. Stomp Juicebox

    Stomp Juicebox

    aimed at the younger rider

  6. Stomp Motard

    Stomp Motard

    YX150-4V (18.5hp at rear wheel) / YX160-4V (20hp at rear wheel) radiator style oil cooler with braided steel hi pressure pipesRead more...

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